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    Our Focus When Austin passed away, he was wearing a wristband with Proverbs 27:17 written on it.  The verse states that iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.  The Foundation has adopted the phrase “Sharpen Each Other” for the education program it presents to schools and communities. 

Addiction and deaths resulting from overdoses involving prescription drugs have risen dramatically in the past decade.  According to the CDC, prescription drug abuse causes one death every 19 minutes in the US.  This surpasses deaths related to car crashes.  It is going to take state, national, and local support.  The best way to stop these deaths is an informed community.  Everyone has an opportunity and a responsibility to help keep their community safe.  We have the ability to “Sharpen Each Other” if we use all the resources that we have to make a difference.

Gail's Personal Message

My son, Austin, died May 19, 2011 from a prescription drug overdose.  Even today it is so surreal to say those words, “died of a prescription drug overdose”.  Austin was a gifted athlete, scholar, teammate, friend, and much loved son and brother.   Through all of his success he remained humble, often deflecting from himself and crediting others.  As one of the college coaches put it “he was selfless”.  He felt that he had been given so much in life that there was no room for complaint.

Craig and AustinAustin was 14 when he suffered his first major injury, a stress fracture, in his back.  At the time he was playing basketball, football, and baseball at a high level.  This was the beginning of chronic pain that he suffered for the rest of his life.  When he was a senior in high school, he hyperextended his elbow—bending it back to a 90 degree angle.  He was able to fight through the injury and come back to lead his team to the 6A championship game.

After high school he joined the OU football team, leaving home graduating a midterm of his senior year.  During his career there he struggled with injuries, one knee surgery and an elbow surgery.  His last injury suffered at the beginning of the 2010 season, was a ruptured disc in his back.  I believe that it was this injury that set in motion his abuse of prescription drugs.  Initially he was given a limited supply of prescription pain medication Austin Box Boomer Sooner by his doctors.  Unfortunately, he found what he thought was the answer to managing the pain—prescription pain medication.   HE began to suffer in silence while turning to prescription drugs to cope.  They simply led him down a road of false comfort and then his death.  I do not tell you this to make an excuse for Austin.  Austin always took responsibility for his actions!  I tell you this story for understanding. 

I know that Austin was ashamed of his abuse of prescriptions.  He developed two sets of friends.  The ones that helped promote his abuse and keep it a secret, and those he knew would not be supportive.   If there is one thing that I wish I could have told him it is, Son there is no shame in asking for help.    In order to fight this epidemic of prescription drug abuse, we are going to have to stop shrouding it in shame.  We need to treat it like any other disease.   I was watching a news story about a woman who grew up in Tulsa.  She had become a successful actress and model in her teenage years.  She developed a drug and alcohol addiction.  At 25 she sought help fearing that she would die.  One of her quotes was, “I believe that addiction is still considered something shameful and if you have the willpower you can fix it.  That is just not true,  It is time to lift the veil off the shame.”

Box FamilyOur family started the Austin Box “12” Foundation to promote awareness in hopes that we could prevent other families from living the nightmare of a loss such as ours.  Every day I get up and prepare myself to do battle.  Battle with my grief, my guilt, my loss—we all have our personal battles.  It is my hope that we can win this battle against prescription drug abuse and stop these senseless deaths.

Thank you for listening and lets help “Sharpen Each Other”

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